Sunday, 8 January 2017

Lola the Little Girl

Self Directed Project | August 2015

LOLA is the Little Girl with endless imaginations, positive thoughts, big dreams, jolly hearts, and all the happiness in the world come together ♥ She has been chosen as one of the candidates to represent Indonesia for ASEAN Youth Creative Industry Fair (AYCIF) 2015 that will take place at Kota Tua, Jakarta this 29 - 30 August 2015. For this special event, Lola will launch new collection called 'Lola Loves Anyaman'. 

This collection is inspired by the AYCIF's theme “FROM TRADITION CRAFTED WITH INNOVATION TO THE WORLD”. As a child who was born and raised in Indonesia, I have learned that we have a lot of interesting cultures, histories, and arts. As the theme of this competition is to raise a traditional art to modern days, ‘anyaman’ caught my thought. 

‘Anyaman’ forms amazing geometric patterns, event it looks like easy to make. The purpose of this collection is to raise the awareness of children in kindergarten, elementary until junior high school, that we have such a wonderful traditional art. With a little bit touch of modern days, it looks cool for the youngsters. With hope that they are proud to wear the pattern on their daily use products and learn more about it on the following days.

Lola Loves Anyaman concept was nominated as one of the finalists to represent Indonesia in the event.

Tools : Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign.

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